Gone - 2005 Fender SRV Stratocaster ( Trades for Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Telecaster why )

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Love it, but love my 62 AVRI Stratocaster more  . . . Its in good condition with only a couple of very minor dings but nothing that breaks the surface, recent set up so it plays and sounds amazing. Texas Specials so AWESOME tone to my ears anyway. They can also be very sweet too with great clarity.

It has a beautiful neck which is a bit chunkier than a 62 Reissue's but its not by much. It also has a 12" fret board radius which means you can bend notes to your hearts content, great build quality too. I prefer a pretty low action so that's how its currently set up. Plays really well and I raved about it when I first got it but I rarely play it these days. I cant really fault the guitar but the 62 AVRI does a very, very similar job and it was bought by my wife, so I'm letting the SRV go.

Recently bought a tortoiseshell pickguard . . . Looks good, just need to fit it :-)


Id just like to point out that, despite all the video and DNA evidence, it genuinely wasnt me, your Honour  ! 
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