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As mentioned on other threads we are relocating out of the country.

I will be selling a few things for money but I have a couple of things that I can't be bothered selling but are too good to throw away and they may be of use to someone here.

If you want anything I list here then you have to pick them up (from Oxfordshire OX29) or have someone pick them up for you.
First person to collect gets it- sorry I can't hold things or ship things- I have a lot to do in the next 10 weeks and I won't have time.
If this turns into a nightmare then I'll just bin the lot.

I don't want any money for them but If you want to make a donation of a nominal amount to the forum then I am sure people would appreciate it.

This thread will be updated when I add things (when I find them in the loft).

1. NOW GONE 65 Amps combo case
This fitted a Soho but I believe it will fit most of their narrow heads.
Baffle is for a 1x12, it has a rudimentary wiring loom inside.

2. NOW GONE Bull Cases pedalboard.
This is a road case style pedalboard. 
80cmx40cm in size.
I cut down a piece of MDF and screw it in once it is wired up.
This was quite expensive (I think £200) when it was bought about 10 years ago.
It is weighty, especially once you load it up with pedals but it is built like an absolute tank.

3. NOW GONE Xbox 360 + various games plus two controllers.
I'm not taking pictures of this but it looks like an Xbox 360.
I've just turned it on and it works.
I have a random assortment of games, maybe 20 or so.

4. NOW GONE Phillips DVP5980/05 DVD player. 
A full width DVD player as you would find in an entertainment unit.
IIRC this one is region unlocked and will play all regions.

5. NOW GONE Roland PC180A midi keyboard. No power supply.

6. NOW GONE M-Audio Oxygen 25 midi keyboard. Bus powered.
No cables.

More items to come.
I am the juice of four limes.
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