Help: query about attenuating stage monitor signal

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I'm in the tricky position of trying to co-ordinate a few amplified songs at a friend's casual event, using borrowed equipment, none of which is mine, nor is it here. Argh.

The PA is apparently a Yamaha StagePas compact 300W-ish jobbie with powered mixer and 2 passive speakers. All good... but it lacks a monitor (though the mixer has a monitor send).

The only available speaker for potential monitor usage is a class D powered one - basically one of the main speakers from a completely different system (we can't use that rig as a whole - don't ask why).

I'm guessing that sending a speaker-level signal to a powered monitor would be a very bad idea and could risk damage. 

However, I have a simple inline -30dB XLR attenuator (which I keep with my bass amp in case the bizarrely line level send needs taking down to mic level for a PA desk that lacks a suitable pad). Could I use this same attenuator to moderate a speaker-level signal down to line level, to be able to use said active monitor with a powered mixer?

Bear in mind, in case it isn't glaringly obvious: I am an audio dunce.   :s

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