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I'm selling my Precision Bass that I've had in my home studio for many years. I put it together out of bits - actually it evolved from a Highway 1 Precision that I acquired and replaced bits on as they came along. The prices in brackets are there if you wanted it in bits  - I will part it out if there's enough interest. I'm also open to *sensible* offers.

1976 Fender USA Body, was see through wine red, stripped to natural (gloss), ash (very nice grain), all original routes etc, not too heavy (£400)
Fender Mexican Jazz Bass neck, bought new in around 2005/6, fitted with Wilkinson machine heads and factory nut, hardly played (£150)
Fender USA Pickups, from Highway 1 precision, comes with pots (can't remember source tbh) (£40)
Fender 1980s Japan bridge (£20)
Only been used by me in a home studio set up since 2005 - and rarely at that. Sounds exactly like a good precision should sound and plays very well - much easier to play thanks to the thinner Jazz bass neck. Comes with hard case (non-Fender) if bought complete. £575 £500

I'm based near Kettering, Northants (jct 10, A14) or daytimes I can usually be found in Bourne, Lincs. I wouldn't rule out a meet up.

A crappy pic for you:

Never Ever Bloody Anything Ever.

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