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ALL SOLD.  All prices include ppg and postage to UK mainland. All are in good usable condition, with some signs of wear. Lengths are plus or minus 1cm. Please PM me for more detailed info:

1) SOLD ....Bear Classic, black leather 4.5cm wide. Usual excellent Bear quality, 115cm to 137cm length. Bought some years ago but literally only ever used once or twice at home, hence excellent condition. New equivalent price £46, sell for £23.


2) SOLD ....Leathergraft brown leather, 5cm to 7.5cm wide over the shoulder, 93cm to 118cm length. Some signs of use, but not abused. Brown leather backing shows some wear but still a very usable strap. £15.


3) SOLD ....As above, but slightly softer leather and with a natural back rather than the brown. Again, used but not abused. £15.


4) SOLD....Leathergraft brown leather, embossed, 5cm wide, 99cm to 125cm length. very reasonable condition, nice supple strap, has seen some use with the most noticeable wear around the buttonholes, loads of life left. £13.


5) SOLD.... Bulldog brown leather strap, made in the late '90s when Bulldog were based in St. Ives. 5.3cm wide, 102cm to 125cm length. Nice thick strap with a natural back, there is some dye overspill on the back as shown in the photo which was there when it was new, and the buttonholes show some signs of use, nice sturdy strap, £13.


6) SOLD.... Fender leather strap, light brown with a natural back. 5cm wide, 104cm to 126cm length. A bit of a vintage gem as I acquired this with a secondhand guitar years ago. A characterful strap with some wear showing on the back and round the buttonholes, but still very usable at £13.


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