My "Big Gig of the Year" - Stotfold, Hertfordshire

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So myself and the little band I’m in have been invited to headline an annual event in Hertfordshire next Friday 11th May.

It’s a charity do to raise money to keep an historic watermill up and running in the town of Stotfold, on the North Hertfordshire/South Beds border.


The venue has a 500 person capacity - and of course there are 500 tickets to be sold.  However, the organisers have been struggling to get the numbers and with a week to go there are still 240 tickets left.


We’ve done our bit as a band and have got together around 100 of our fan base who have bought tickets, but I’m struggling to do much more.

So here I am to see if anyone in or around the area would be interested in coming down next Friday night!


The support act is a mod/new wave punk act, and my band (DeLorean) are predominantly 80s rock (with a smidgen of 70s thrown in).

This will be the third time we’ve played the event and it’s always a really great atmosphere, a nice, well stock bar which includes local ales, hot food stands and the gig is inside a large covered marquee.


Here’s a vid from the last time we played there (apologies for the ‘interesting’ choice of notes in the final solo…)



 On the offchance that someone out there might fancy it, here’s a link to the ticket page


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