FS. (NEW THREAD) Soulmate, RP Particle, SHO, Cleanness, DD7

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The old sales thread I posted was a mess of indecision, so here’s a fresh one.

TRex Soulmate: a great-sounding, simple multi FX with tuner, boost, OF, distortion, delay and reverb, comes with case, PSU and the box. In superb condition. £240 collected


*ON HOLD* Strymon Mobius: one of the best multi-mod pedals in existence, in stunning condition, with box, etc. £310 posted.

*ON HOLD* Red Panda Particle: a unique, weird and wonderful granular delay, superb reverse mode, again in stunning condition with box. £200 posted.

Zvex Super Hard On: this is the hand-painted non-Vexter version, makes your guitar and amp sound beautiful and sparkly, and the name gives you a cheap laugh. £180 posted

Dr Scientist The Cleanness: they don’t make this pedal anymore, but they should. Fantastic clean boost/EQ/buffer, runs on 9V or 18V (though at its best at 18V), makes everything sound sweet. I have a box for it but it’s not the original box. I also have the Strymon voltage doubler cable which I can throw in for a few more quid. £110 posted.

Boss DD7: the most popular digital delay in christendom. Mint condition with box. £85 posted.

Photos here: https://imgur.com/gallery/Casin3Q

PM me if you’re interested. Cheers!
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