*BOTH SOLD ON REVERB* TRex Soulmate, Chase Bliss Thermae

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The old sales thread I posted was a mess of indecision, so here’s a fresh one.

TRex Soulmate: a great-sounding, simple multi FX with tuner, boost, OF, distortion, delay and reverb, comes with case, PSU and the box. In superb condition. £240 collected £220 posted.


Chase Bliss Thermae - in mintiest mint condition, with box etc, not even velcro’d, astounding new pitchshifting delay from the genius that is Joel. Thanks to the heat and the World Cup, my pub quiz hosting jobs have taken an earnings hit, so as much as I love this pedal, I must set love free for £ reasons. £405 posted 

Now £350 + P&P


*WITHDRAWN* Strymon Mobius: one of the best multi-mod pedals in existence, in stunning condition, with box, etc. £310 posted.

*SOLD ON EBAY* Red Panda Particle: a unique, weird and wonderful granular delay, superb reverse mode, again in stunning condition with box. £200 £180 posted.

*SOLD ON EBAY* Zvex Super Hard On: this is the hand-painted non-Vexter version, makes your guitar and amp sound beautiful and sparkly, and the name gives you a cheap laugh. £180 £170 posted

*SOLD ON REVERB* Dr Scientist The Cleanness: they don’t make this pedal anymore, but they should. Fantastic clean boost/EQ/buffer, runs on 9V or 18V (though at its best at 18V), makes everything sound sweet. I have a box for it but it’s not the original box. I also have the Strymon voltage doubler cable which I can throw in for a few more quid. £110 posted.

*SOLD* Boss DD7: the most popular digital delay in christendom. Mint condition with box. £85 posted.

*SOLD* Fairfield Accountant Compressor: fallen for another comp, so this superb wee pedal is for sale. Photos to follow for this one. £105 posted.

Photos here: https://imgur.com/gallery/Casin3Q

PM me if you’re interested. Cheers!
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