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Evening all, this is my first post and I've come to the forum seeking advice on some guitars.  It's my 18th in a few months and I've decided to treat myself to a new guitar, adding to my growing collection! I play almost solely fingerstyle guitar so I've been looking for something of size roughly OM or smaller, preferably with pups as I sometimes play plugged in with a looper.  I will have saved about 1200 by then hopefully, I'm open to buying second hand.  I've been looking at some second hand Martin 000 guitars and also takamine P3NY.  Anyone got any recommendations? 
 Thanks in advance, H
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  • Harrisonmp123Harrisonmp123 Frets: 0
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  • fishfingersfishfingers Frets: 22
    Visit all your local guitar shops and try out as many different guitars as you can. Try and figure out what your preferences are from that research. You might find a used Martin 000 18 within your budget and they are great sounding guitars for fingerstyle, that should be played in well and easy to sell on when/if you choose to trade it. However you'd probably have the additional cost of installing a pickup and that might affect resale. Make sure you try as many lower priced new guitars as you can too because there is a lot of choice of great value instruments. Eastman, Bluedridge, Furch/Stonebridge all make guitars which may suit your budget and preferences. The Sigma LM-SG00+, for example, is amazing value for a fingerstyle guitar with a pickup. Have fun, take your time and see what comes along!
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  • CHRISB50CHRISB50 Frets: 1895
    Welcome to the forum mate. 

    I know now you mentioned fingerstyle, but what type of music do you play? 

    What have you got already? Are you looking to improve on something you already have? Or do you want a new flavour? 

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  • FunkfingersFunkfingers Frets: 3330
    I second this suggestion. Unfortunately, after a recent redesign, their website has become almost completely unnavigable. 

    Guild make some nice acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.

    The Fender Paramount series is also worthy of your attention. Check the specifications for solid tops, backs and sides.
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  • boogiemanboogieman Frets: 5129
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    Welcome on board. Usual advice, but worth repeating. Go to a shop that has a decent selection of brands. Don’t get hung up on a particular make or body style, just try them all out. You’ll probably find one that suits you and it may not be anything like the one you had in mind. Once you’ve settled on one model, see if they have more than one in stock, then try them both and compare and contrast. One will probably work better for you. 

    This is all from personal experience. I’ve gone into a shop before with the thought that, ok I want/need (for instance) a Tele. More often than not it turned out to be a disappointment or I didn’t bond with it and ended up flipping it short afterwards. I learnt my lesson after a while and started going in with an open mind and no preconceptions. So:

    Try before you buy.

    Don’t assume that a particular brand is better just because it’s well known or your favourite player uses it.

    Go with what speaks to you.

    Don’t discount a used guitar, acoustics generally tend to live a much easier life than electrics and there are bargains to be had. 

    Best of luck. It’s a nice position to be in, £1200 will get you something very nice. 
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