SOLD - Roland VS-2480 digital mulitracker

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Want to get away from the computer for recording? Not tempted by the limited digital multitrackers that are made today?

This is the big daddy of Roland's multitrack offerings. About £2500 new. Huge spec as standard, and many options available if you want them. It records to hard disk (internal, with external SCSI for backing up), has huge amounts of I/O (from 8 mic preamps with phantom power, guitar Hi-Z, to SPDIF/optical digital and Roland's dedicated multi-channel digital R-BUS system).

Mastering is built-in with automix recording (watch out for those flying faders). Built-in CD burner. Monitoring, two sets of headphone outs with independent levels, etc.

It will do 24-bit/96kHz and a whole bunch of lower-res formats. To save you from plugging and unplugging, there's a patch-bay for sending signals just about anywhere, including the aux outputs, digital IO (for outboard FX processing), etc. All-told, there are 64 channels of mixing available (tracks, inputs, etc). MIDI In/Out for sync, plus SMPTE and Word Clock.

The best bit is support for an external VGA monitor + keyboard + mouse (all included, see below). Most importantly, this makes waveform editing, very, very easy). You can work on the smaller screen, if space is tight, it's just more fiddly.

SoS review here:
SoS tips here:

There's still a lively community of VS users and a huge amount of info and resources here: and you will see that people document how to upgrade them with modern stuff, such as SSDs and silent fans.

Mine is in good condition, with just some typical studio wear. here and there. Full working order.

Price: £500 now 450 includes 17in NEC monitor + keyboard + mouse. All manuals (proper original hard copies, not PDF prints).

Option #1 :VS8F-2 dual FX card = £50 each (it can take up to 4 and I have 3 of them). These are Roland's own reverbs, chorus, etc. You may not need these if you already have good external FX processors - you can just patch those in via the aux IO sockets.

Option #2: Edirol DA-2496 = £100 which adds another 8 extra analogue ins and outs in a 1U rack module. Complete with R-BUS cable (note: channel 1 pot is a bit flakey).

Option #3: super spendy, I'm afraid - a VS8F-3 FX 56-bit processing FX card with ALL of the plug-ins ever released for the VS. Antares Autotune (see below), TC reverb, Sound Toys, Chrome Tone guitar amp sim, 1176, LA2, vocal strip, etc. These cards are relatively rare and still close to their new price (as the plugins were discontinued these became rather desirable) = £600

Collection only from Cambridge.

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