Mojo Pickups Mojotron Neck Position (Price drop)

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Mint condition neck position Mojotron from Mojo pickups in the UK. It will drop right into a standard filtertron mount and comes with two woodscrews. Looking for €70 plus postage (£60 plus postage) 

Full details below:

Mojotron vintage Filtertron sized.

Bright and twangy like the originals.

Wound with 42awg wire and with a large 1/4 inch Alnico 5 bar magnet.

Neck 4.2 (1.52H) and Bridge 5k (2.25H)

The covers are historically correct and based on a vintage Filtertron cover.

The base plate has “ears” as standard on this model.

The covers are not soldered to the base plate, as per the vintage pickups.

Pictures here:

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