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Given that I don't have a record player at the moment, I've decided to sell off some of my vinyl. I really don't want to but what is gathering dust right night could be turned into useful cash instead. Condition of the records range from good to nearly excellent; but if you need more information, then feel free to ask. List below...

Star Wars original soundtrack - £15
Operation Mindcrime - £15
Cowboys From Hell - £20
The White Album - £15
Systematic Chaos - £15
Back in Black - £10
Appetite for Destruction - £25
War of the Worlds - £10
Sad Wings of Destiny (Spanish version (also includes ticket stub from 1978)) - £25
Black album - £20
Out of the Blue - £8
Use Your Illusion 1 - £15
Use Your Illusion 2 - £15
Greatest Hits Two - £20

Or £200 the lot.

All vinyl will be shipped securely in an appropriate vinyl envelope with supportive inner. P&P £3.50

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