NGD New build ‘59 White Blonde ash with rosewood

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I finished this build last week 

I commissioned the body a while back. Originally I was going to use a maple neck but I ended up buying a really nice minty Baja FSR maple blackguard in White Blonde (previously posted). 

I went for a very lightly aged '59 style White Blonde with rosewood fingerboard. I based the build on pics of this Wildwest Guitars Custom Shop ‘59 Journeyman e.g., via this link:

My own build, with both new and used parts, is just little more economical than Custom Shop and comprises:

New hand-selected for grain light swamp ash 2 piece body. Finished in lightly aged White Blonde nitro, sprayed to my specs by Jon Rexter-Crawford (highly recommended) @rexter
Used Fender '60s Baja Classic Player neck with 9.5 radius. Lightly aged by me.
New Callahan parchment 8 hole pick guard
Used Fender Pure Vintage '58 pickups, aged by me.
Used USA vintage bridge plate aged by me.
Used Fender '50s Road Worn rolled steel saddles
New nickel plated control plate and knobs
CTS 250K potsOak Grigsby switch, NOS 1951Y John E. Fast PIO Audio Tone capacitor .029uf 
Other hardware by and Switchcraft

It plays exceptionally well sounds very even and sweet, no brashsness at all. It is getting its first outing at rehearsal later today

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