FS Endangered Audio Research AD4096 analog delay SOLD

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Another one from the "never thought I'd sell it" collection.. but it's not getting used enough, and I'd prefer someone was making music with it than have it sitting on my shelf looking snazzy.

Widely considered as one of the best analog delays around. Check out the YouTube review where Just Nick looks like he's about to burst into tears after playing with it for five minutes. It has an "infinity mode" switch which keeps it right at the edge of self-oscillation, and a momentary "expand" footswitch which maxes out the depth for a blast of psychedelic insanity. And of course, it's incredibly cool looking.. imagine this on a board next to a Hudson Broadcast!

The last one that went on eBay was listed for £275, which I think is a bit mad, so let's call it £220 £200 including Special Delivery shipping to the UK. Comes with the box and velcro on the bottom.


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