FS: Skreddy Echo / ON HOLD Keeley Monterey / SOLD Ibanez TS808

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Right.  The cleansing of the Augean Stables commences.

First up is this rather lovely Skreddy Echo.  Gorgeous tape saturated delay.  In great condition save (i) there's a small bit of decal missing on the top edge at the front where (according to the chap I bought it from) the selling shop had stuck a sticker (?!?), and (ii) velcro on the base.  One idiosyncracy mentioned in the instructions is you have to jump the send and return sockets with a patch cable to make it work confounded  Anyway I'll ship with the cable I've been using.

Perfect working order.  Boxed with instructions.  £215 PPG posted.

Keeley Monterey: Fuzz Vibe Rotary Wah.  Is there anything it doesn't do?  Instant Hendrix in a box.

Immaculate save velcro on base.  Boxed with instructions.  £210 PPG posted

Finally (for now) we have my trusty old TS 808.  You all know what these do.  Purchased new by me a few years ago; home use only since then.  Velcro on base, otherwise immaculate.  Comes with power cable adapter thingy to make a 'normal' adapter work with the thing.  No box, I'm afraid, but I'll wrap it up all nice and snug for ya.  What say you to £105 PPG posted?

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