Any DADGAD books recommendations ?

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sev112sev112 Frets: 557
Have been experimenting with DADGAD tuning

 gone through the various scales etc , but ther is very limited resources on t’interweb.  I found the French chap’s website and a few other web pages with a few lines of music.

i bought the Julie Henigan book yesterday and worked through most of that in half an hour. 
I googled and amazon’d For others, but I’d really like to see what I’m getting in terms of pieces and the book web pages don’t really tell you that

So am looking for good DADGAD book recommendations if anyone knows any.  I’m not really interested in “how to”, am more interested in pieces, and preferably modern pieces, rather than traditional / Irish / Celtic/ Scottish.

any hints welcomed :)
Ta v m 

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