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Great condition CAA/Suhr OD100 Classic Plus head. I bought this from this forum in February so I'm only looking for £1125. (It's listed elsewhere for more)

Designed by Bob Bradshaw and John Suhr, this head has a brilliant Fender Blackface style clean channel (that gets Tweedy when the gain is up/boost is engaged) and a recreation of Michael Landau's '72 metal face Plexi Marshall. 

100W, 4xEL34, 6x12AX7, 2 channels, 2 boosts (gain boost is footswitchable), FX loop, master volume on rear. Also has a variable negative feedback control (changes the feel from vintage and spongy, to modern and tight) and a depth control on the back. Global presence is on the front of the amp. 

Amp head is very heavy so will require collection or expensive postage. 

Will also consider trades so let me know what you have.

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