Baja Tele refinish.

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ok, had a bit of luck a couple of days ago when I stumbled across a baja listed on eBay as “butternut squash Telecaster”... £380 later... and it’s mine!... 

the neck is lovely but the body colour is a bit too creamy for my liking, not only that, a small dink on the body shows that the finish is almost a mm thick!...
15 minutes later with a heat gun and I now have a shed full of “butternut squash” coloured thick plastic!... oh, and a nice two piece ash Telecaster body...

Was initially going to do a butterscotch blonde finish but decided against it for two reasons 1) I’m impatient and @SteveRobinson is closed for the bank holiday (have ordered other paint tho) and 2) I’m a cheapskate and don’t want to spend the extra 30 quid on paint

so to the shed it is, and I have broken out an old jar of pickled gherkins for the base of the finish:

(Not really gherkins... it’s amber shellac)...

so the kids are elsewhere, the mrs is away for the weekend, I’m poncing around in my undercrackers and I’ve ended up with this:

A few coats of clear to go, drag it behind the car for a bit to relic it and it should great!...

Or maybe not!... I can see a couple of cans of Olympic white in its future...maybe!.
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