Trio plus; use in a live situation?

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In a couple of months I have the chance to play a solo slot at a friends party (which is a mini festival at a new wedding venue in an awesome barn conversion). I did the same gig a couple of years ago, just electric guitar, amp and looper for about five covers but was not happy with the result, tho to be fair it was my first time and I was shitting bricks. 

I have a Trio plus; I’m thinking it could be an option; playing along to a beat is just so much more satisfying. They have a PA system. The other option would be to just go acoustic; which would require bravery as their is nowhere to hide!

Have any of you folks used a Trio in a live situation? How did it go? Do you create the song before in the song slots, then add the loops on the fly? I haven’t got my head round the verse chorus verse sequencing function yet. Any advice?

Can it work and sound good live, or will it sound like a cheesy shit one man in a pub with a backing track? Is it a live option or best kept to home practice? 

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