A brace of GSP Rosewood necks

I just wanted to post these up with a big thanks to Graham GSPbasses 
They won't be everyone's cup of Tea but as they are Gibson Scale Strat conversion necks.

But as the Arthritis progresses these days I will happily take the shorter scale and a little less push back.
One is for me and the other is a gift for my best mate who is having the larger dots as he is finding it harder to see the spots on dimly lit stages.

There are a number of bodies these could be attached to Swamp Ash/Alder and the Walnut I tried the neck joint fit on . Also there is a raft of pickups and stuff in the spares boxes to get them up and running. 

Anyway, Graham has done a lovely job, great wood,  big fret wire, nice fit  and finish.

Big thanks for these.

The Walnut body have had this for years from Guitarbuild but never got round to using it for anything so maybe a darker stain and a clear finish. All to be worked out as summer projects. 

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