Kent Hamblin SJ Honduran Rosewood

£2900 or trade. Wow. What a guitar! This is a handmade lovely from top US Luthier Kent Hamblin. 

This is his famous SJ model with super comfy cutaway. Made with top notch tonewoods of Euro Spruce Top with wonderful Amazon Rosewood (dalbergia spruceana) back and sides. All solid woods. Mahogany neck which is straight and plays like a dream. This has a 46mm nut width for superb playability. Action is spot on for fast playing. The tone is amazing - lots of warmth and sweetness with super rosewood overtones. There is a video available online of this guitar from Dream Guitars - just search Hamblin SJ Amazon Rosewood. Fitted with k&k pure mini for amazing natural amplified sound. Structurally no problems at all but there is a bit of lacquer checking to bottom bout but this does not involve the wood at all. 

Reason for sale is that I need a new electro acoustic and i am afraid to take this Hamblin to some of the places I play! I am up for trades with good quality electro acoustic plus cash on top.

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