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I’ve sold camera gear on here before so thought I’d offer it here again.

Anyway, due to an upgrade to full frame I have for sale...

Nikon D7100. This is in really excellent condition with a very low shutter count of 3508 (I’m into landscape photography so I’m not taking loads of shots). Absolutely no issues at all as I look after my gear. I has the original nikon packaging, 2x batteries (one is aftermarket), charger and cable. I'll also include an L-bracket with arca swiss compatability. I’d be looking for very close offers to £400.00 Camera now SOLD

Sigma 17-50mm F2.8. Again, it’s in pristine condition. I’m only selling it because it doesn’t function with a full frame sensor. It punches way above its price and is tack sharp. There’s plenty of reviews out there.  Asking £200.00

Lastly, I have a Tokina AT X 116 PRO F2.8 DX 11-16mm wide angle. Again, I’m selling as it’s not compatible with my new camera. Tack sharp and the constant 2.8 aperture is useful. This also has a warranty from Camera Jungle until next March I think. I'm not sure if it's transferrable but would be more than happy to deal with any issues and contact them in the unlikely event there is one. £200.00.

If you’re interested, just shout. 
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