Spotting a fake SM58 ?

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I’ve been asked to repair a knackered SM58 although it’s heritage would suggest it’s very likely genuine (having once belonged to a band that got to #4 in the UK singles chart), I have my doubts as it fails a few of the checks listed here:

Namely, the threads on the body are black, the weight is wrong and the foam inside the grille is black not grey.  However, everything else is right; the green and yellow wires and the red quality control printing on the circuit board.  The sticker has long vanished from the capsule though.

Now... I’m wondering if this mic has had a third-party grille fitted at some point, as although the width of the central band is correct at 4mm, the shoulder around the thread is sort of halfway between the two examples on that site.  Neither one or the other.

So, in order to confirm my suspicion, would some kind soul with a known genuine SM58 and a set of digital scales be kind enough to unscrew the grille and weigh the mic, then the grille for me please ?

The one I have here weighs 260g for the body and 43g for the grille.

Thanks bigly.
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