SOLD B&W DM602 speakers and Ariston amp

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This is a pair of B&W speakers with a stereo amp, that I've been using to A/B with proper Adam/JBL studio monitors. I chose these for their resolutely medium-fi quality, and they've been great for that, but I'm now changing my setup and don't need them.

Of course, you can use them for a home hi-fi, too.

The amp is an Ariston AX-910 - one of those multi-input medium-fi amps from the '80s, a rebadged version of the Cambridge Audio A1 mk3. You'll find a squillion write-ups about these amps, and I think they were one of the most popular amps of the time. Which is why I bought it.

The speakers are the original (so called series 1) B&W DM602, and again, these were a hugely popular medium-fi buy. See here for a contemporary write-up:

The amp and speakers are all in perfect working order, but have some wear marks. Not scruffy, but 'well loved'. As usual, I've decided to sell before taking photos, so I will add photos tomorrow.

Price for the lot: £110 + shipping (or collect from Cambridge).

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