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As you may know , I had my 77 LP Custom for sale on here a few weeks ago to raise some cash.  Things didn't go to plan and I ended up swapping on here for something else which means I still need a couple of grand - yes I know, my wife has already told me off......

I'm now sticking up a guitar bought on here from the lovely St Hubbins recently -  a 75 Fender Tele in ridiculous condition with a factory fitted Bigsby, OHSC, all the candy etc.

As far as non original bits - it has had a new nut, and a replacement volume pot and that's it so you can play it or stick it on the wall as a collectors piece - your choice :-)

Soundwise the bridge pickup especially really bites, think Led Zeppelin 1 and you won't be far off.  The neck pickup is a lot mellower and jazzy so you can get all sorts of tones from this thing as well as plenty of shimmer from the Bigsby (which is incredibly stable)

I'm assuming that the guitar has a Northern ash body and a Bigsby so its no lightweight - it feels similar to my Les Paul custom which would put it at around 10.5 - 11  lb  (my kitchen scales only go up to 9 lb and it shoots past that) . This is from the era when a lot of people thought heavy guitars sustained better. I don't think that's actually solid science but the guitar sounds like it should and then some .....

I'm putting it up for as low as I can go, a partial swap with at least £1000 my way may be do-able if its something I haven't tried and can easily flog on here soon after !


Thanks for putting up with me guys :-)

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