MIDI - beginner needs help


I'm a MIDI noob. I understand the basics - it's a protocol for sending control messages - but I don't really understand what hardware I need to make it work. 

Lets say I have four Korg Volcas (I currently own two but intend to acquire more). Each of these has a MIDI in, but no MIDI out. The connector on each is a five pin traditional DIN, not USB. 

If I want to control these from a software based sequencer (recommendations for a simple/cheap one welcome) what do I need to get to connect them to the PC? My machine is running Windows 10.

A quick look online suggests lots of options - midisports 4x4, getting some kind of midi through (how to connect that to a PC?) etc. I would like a solution that's cheap and relatively fuss free. 

Lets also assume that in future I will want to add a MIDI keyboard/controller - I guess a modern one will just connect to the PC via USB and then I can use software to route the midi out from the keyboard to control the Volcas? 
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