NGD - Nuthin' but a Hound Dog...

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I've been looking out for a resonator. Nothing too expensive, just in case it turned out to be a fad. Not in any great hurry, just keeping an eye out over the past few months. The basic idea was to get something reasonable so I can get in the game and then see if it's a game I want to play seriously or not. 

My neighbour owns a Hound Dog, an inexpensive Epiphone made in China with a Dobro badge on it. It's OK but didn't inspire me. On my casual search I've played some nice guitars and some dogs. I've also found out what sort of resonator I like - wooden bodied with a spider bridge. It's been amazing to learn how different the various types of cones can sound, plus wooden body vs metal. 

If I'd been looking to spend 2K I'd have bought one on the spot at Oasis in Ringwood, a Beard Decophonic Model 27, but I wasn't intending to splash out so much. It was glorious, though, and I loved it. 

Anyway, I found myself in Salisbury yesterday, and popped into the Music Room. On the wall was an Epiphone (Dobro) Hound Dog Deluxe. Like my neighbours, but with round holes rather than f-holes in the body and a Fishman pickup inside. But very nice to play, with a balanced sound and clear tone that isn't too nasal for my own taste. It had been there for a while and wasn't too expensive, so we cut a deal and now it lives at my house...

We'll see how I get on!
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