Ft fender telecaster thinline

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Looking to see what people would trade for my fender telecaster thinline 69 reissue made in mexico 2009, over all condition is good, only note worthy thing worth mentioning is b tuner is a little bent but completely functional 

Taken in a trade recently but in all honesty its not for me, nice player but I have similar sounding guitars that I'll play more.

Tradewise open to anything, 
Been toying with the idea of a Gibson SG,
Fender jazzmaster or jag
Maybe a strat 
Something vintage maybe, like a hofner verythin or a framus

Will listen to cash offers but would prefer trades, PX considered but would have to be cash my way as i'm penniless

 valuing trade a loose and flexible £600 for the purpose of forum rules but mostly to cover the wild fluctuations of values on both tele thinlines and the stuff i'd like to trade for (especially fender off sets)

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