Westworld theme cover....

wizbit81wizbit81 Frets: 120
Hi guys, chucking this out for anyone who likes Westworld or has any production useful tips for me. 

I made it in about 8 hours using Presonus Studio One. I don't really know anything at all about music production, I've had a few shite attempts at things in the past but I got some much better sounds recently that inspired me to have a go at things that I like. I think the Westworld theme is really cool and on Friday I was doing a guitar exercise that had a min/major7 arp in it played in 5's, and I just went 'WESTWORLD!' 

Checked it out and I was right so I decided to make a cover of the whole theme. I know there's a million things wrong but would be grateful to know say the top 2 things that stand out that are rubbish so I can work on them. For me I think it's dynamics, and sample overlap where the samples seem to trigger slightly out of time with each other. 

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