The “I am done" pedal sale (Paul C “Tim” , Thorpyfx, mooer, TC )

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Hi all,

Since leaving my band and having our son a year or so ago  I haven't had time or the interest to pick up the guitar or play with guitar gear etc. I have put this off as I thought I might get back into it but I don't think I am going to so to free up some cash these need to go.

Gigrig Quartermaster QMX 6 - excellent condition £160 posted SOLD

Dunlop Mini Wah £75 posted Sold

Lovepedal mini Trem £60 posted SOLD

Mooer Elec lady £40 posted SOLD

Paul C Tim v2 pedal £300 posted  (going on ebay prices here) SOLD

Thorpyfx Peacekeeper £150 posted

Polytune mini £40 posted


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