NPD, well, NOEC76CDD: Pricey but absolutely worth it

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I’ve been messing around with various tone-shapers, buffers and compressors recently, and I did think that the Fairfield Accountant comp was the perfect “always on” pedal for me for maintaining a nice core tone through a chain of powerful TB pedals. The Accountant is a stunning pedal, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a compressor, even folk who are wary of using compressors. 

However, I found something on Saturday that was brilliant enough to usurp the wee silver box. A larger silver box. The Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Deluxe. It is an absolute marvel.

The Dry function allows you to dial in a degree of your compressed signal with the dry signal, and this was the clincher for me. And the rest of the controls over gain, ratio, attack and release give you so much control over your sound: as bright and/or as squishy (or not) as you like. 

In short, this beauty makes everything sound brilliant: with both the Marr Jag and Tele, going into a 65 DRRI, everything sounds more alive and responsive and sparkly. Best pedal purchase I’ve made since...well the Fairfield Accountant (now for sale!). 

A very productive NPD indeed.
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