SOLD Japanese ‘62’ reissue Fender Tele £600 trades

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Japanese ‘62’ reissue Fender Telecaster £600
Strat trades ?
Amazing double bound body,wonderful player great condition for a 23yr old guitar
True vintage wiring upgrade and Dimarzio hot noiseless pickups (which sound amazing)
- 2 x CTS "TVT" 250k solid shaft pots (True Vintage Taper) 
- 1 x CRL USA spring action 3 way switch 
- 1 x PIO (paper in oil) capacitor 
- Dimarzio hot noiseless pickups
- Treble pass capacitor on volume (known as the treble bleed mod
Fender case
Anyone who sees and plays this baby will be instantly in ‘tone-love’

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<img src="" alt="59_AAB161_C3_E2_47_D0_80_CC_570_F6_CEB9_C48" border="0">
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