FS Wudtone Constant Pivot Holy Grail Tremolo £95 / £85

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In excellent, used but excellent condition. Some of the blurb is copied and pasted from the Wudtone website.

I have two - but only need one, and so need to sell one.

Tremolo 1
54mm spacing with Wudtone Saddles £95

Tremolo 2
52.4mm string spacing with generic bent steel saddles £85

a new one costs £152 + shipping. Save yourself £50...!

- Right handed
- Nickel plated
- Vintage 56mm (2 7/32") mount
- 54mm string spacing
- Wudtone steel nickel saddles
- Wudtone 1018 Cold steel block with nylon bushing to eliminate arm slack 
- David Gilmour style short tremolo arm
- Top surface recesses, preventing the screws fouling the plate so delivering tuning stability.
- Machined for maximised body contact with
- Whacker plate - .5mm stainless steel shim under the plate to ensure consistent operation, smooth feel, improved sustain.

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