SOLD: Strymon El Capistan tape delay (SOLD), Xotic EP Booster (SOLD)

JamesOB1JamesOB1 Frets: 13
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Kind of breaking my heart to sell these two but finances dictate I need to sell some stuff. I'll be buying them again when finances are rosier but for now, someone else gets to enjoy these beauties:

prices are ppg and inc postage or can be collected from Central London. 

Strymon El Capistan. Used but not abused, couple of small marks, as pictured. Velcro on bottom. This is the newer version with stereo input switch. Boxed but with no Power Supply as I powered it from pedalpower. £185 (non insured) or £190 (tracked and insured) SOLD

Xotic EP Booster. Magic box, goes very well with the El Cap. Used but not abused. Velcro on bottom. In original box. £90 (non insured) or £95 (insured and tracked) SOLD

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