Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah

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Since I stopped gigging I've sold all my pedals since I can get all the fx I need from software, but I was missing a wah. I didn't want anything too big since I haven't got much room at home, so another Morley wah was out of the question.
I was going to go for a Crybaby mini, but then my local guitar shop had an EHX Wailer Wah. About the same size as a regular Crybaby, but plastic instead of metal so it's a bit lighter.
What an amazing sound though! I love it: really expressive, with a really wide sweep - it's taking a bit of getting used to after years of a Morley Bad Horsie but I'm getting there. When I've really nailed it I'll record a little demo and post it up on here.
If anyone's after a wah though, I can highly recommend this wah. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed :)
Too much gain... is just about enough \m/

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