Pedal Collection For Sale

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- Boss DS1 with Pedal Mods three way switch, with box & manual £35 posted Sold
- Boss SD1 with Pedal mods three way switch, with box & manual £35 posted Sold
- TC Polytune with box, £45 posted Sold
- Boss DD3 Digital Delay Made In Japan, with box & manual 1991 £60 posted Sold
- Boss BF2 Flanger Made In Japan 1985, £55 posted Sold
- Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus £105 posted Sold
- Carl Martin Chorus X2 with box & manual SOLD
- Dod FX65 Stereo Chorus 1980s' (Most likely 1985/1986) SOLD

Still For Sale:

- Ibanez CS9 Chorus Made in Japan, having trouble dating this, six digit serial number, Maxon written inside battery compartment, manufactured sometime in the 1980s, £70 posted

- Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo, with box & manual £55 posted

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