SOLD - FS/FT: Black Suhr SSH+ Bridge Pickup 53mm Spacing

KebabkidKebabkid Frets: 1526
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Mint pickup, just taken out of a Suhr Standard. No box or instructions and a very popular pickup in their range and featured on a lot of their guitars.

I don't know what the wires pertain to but they're as follows in length
Shorter wires are 60mm
Longer wires 110mm
17K output (similar to an Aldrich/Seymour Duncan JB)

£50 PPG (incl.P&P) - and with protective plastic strip

Would trade with a money adjustment on my side for an EBS Octabass Octaver (the newer, 3 position toggle version) - Madness Tribute band (Bass Player) and guitarist elsewhere
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