Lie NIelsen/Clifton tools + others

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Greetings folks,
In an attempt to fatten the GAS funds and shrink the 'stuff Ive got but rarely use' pile, I have up for sale some nice, and some reasonable tools for sale.

First up, almost never used, set of 5 Lie Nielsen mortice chisels complete with LN tool roll, £250.

Next, a Clifton No6, good condition, old-style colour, £250

Some Stanley 5001 chisels, widths from 1/4 - 1", good length left, no rust pitting though some surface marks. Could probably do with a polish to bring cutting edge back to perfection. Handles intact, if a little bashed. £8 each

Lastly, some 35mm wide cast plane irons. For anyone wanting to make a wooden plane, these were purchased at a closing down sale from a tool merchants in Falkirk (Symes) - their name is stamped on the blade as you can see. Box is held together by hope, and the blades will need fettling to hone an edge, but superb steel. All unused. £10 each

Postage would be at cost, and not really interested in haggling. Trades? Possibly - not after anything in particular.
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