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I'm a bit confused by this can anyone help? 

What I want to do initially is to just keep track of how long my son is playing each day and if he starts going over agreed levels then restrict it. I believe that both are possible. 

What I have now.

My account (relic245) this is the one that has the ps+ subscription. My son uses this one to play fortnight and other games where he builds up points etc

Player 1 account used by my daughter. 

If I understand it correctly I set up a Son account and then put restrictions on Son account and Player 1 that will monitor hours spent. 

My question really is, can he take his game play with him so that he doesn't have a different username and game play score and history etc?

If so how, if not then is there any way around it such as me creating a new Master account for me and me effectively giving him my old account. 

Thanks for your patience if you've read all of that :)
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    I don't know about the PS4 but I had to do something similar with the Xbox One here as the other half had no controls or anything and the kids knew the primary account password. Cue two situations with buying stuff... 

    So primary account had the subscription. I set the console to be the Home console. ie so everyone could use the Live subscription. PS4 must have an equivalent.

    I then changed the primary account password so the kids couldn't use it as it has no time restrictions. 

    I then set up two accounts for the kids. New email address via Outlook. 

    I then created the Family via my own Oulook account: me, other half, both kids. 

    Then applied time restrictions to both of the kid accounts. 


    My understanding of Fortnite is that you have to create an account with Epic Games in order to log in. He should be able to log into the PS4 as Son Account and then log into Fortnite with that. Pretty sure that happened when I switched both the kids over to individual accounts rather than the one shared one. 

    Now if you do create a new Master account then will your relic245 account still have the ability to buy things? Pretty sure Microsoft won't let you switch a subscription from one account to the other so am assuming Sony would do the same. 

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