Will I / won't I make tonight's gig...

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Playing in Wokingham tonight, starting at 9. Been there a few times, manageress is a bit... 'Cold', but it's a decent venue. Been booked for a couple of months now.

However....  I'm in Barcelona. Got shipped here this week for work, and have arranged flights so I should - in theory - be able to get to the gig. Flying back to Luton this evening, land at 6. Parked on site, car all loaded up. The other guys have the rest of my gear which they will setup for me.

So.... What are the odds I'll get there on time?I've already forewarned the venue, and we obviously need to make a call about it nearer the time. Should have cancelled, but we had to cancel the one before so didn't really want to leave a bad taste in the venue's mouth.

Should be exciting...! I'm putting it at about 3:1 for getting there.
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