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Up for sale or trade is my 51 Custom Shop Nocaster made in 2007 from the Time Machine series.

Without going into a mass of detail, it’s a proper vintage style tele .

Lightweight Ash body with a Nocaster U shape neck very comfy. Vintage frets and 7.25 radius . I’m guessing it’s had a really good set up as even a average player like myself can get round easy. Do you have to fight it, yeah a little but in a good way..

 In case it helps the necks big but not as big as a Gibson R8. Less on the shoulders.

Pickups are Custom Nocaster, the neck is low output but a lot thicker than the usual tele neck  great for vintage blues /Jazz sounds and the Bridge amazing pure country steel guitar bends to dirty rock sounds.

Really nice subtle relic job, I do like a heavy relic but I’d say this is the most authentic out of the CS guitars I’ve had, might be the Butterscotch and Blackguard that helps it.

The case is the tweed thermometer with the gold interior. CS COA in the case.

Trades first. Other Fender Custom Shop/ 50’s neck Gibsons/ Gretsch (Players series only) . Open to most things nothing too pointy or a PRS .

Though if you have nothing to trade. Offers round £1900.

Based in South Manchester.


More pics tonight.

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