SOLD Paul Richardson Custom Strat £600

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Looking to sell this now to fund something else.

Bought this recently and played it exclusively for a month or so, but the bottom line is I just haven't bonded with it.

Amazing spec, absolute top build quality and an absolute dream to play. Paul is one of the top luthier's in the UK .

Once I bought it I did a bit of digging on the history of the guitar and discovered it was a custom build for a customer of Pauls. It passed through 2 other owners then on to me. I spoke to Paul directly and he sent me the spec:

The body, neck and fretboard is Shedua. It's got 2.4mm stainless steel frets, Gotoh 1055 trem. Schaller locking machine heads. DiMarzio Tone Zone (bridge) and a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck. It has a coil top switch on the volume control. LSR roller nut.

It has a bigger neck than I'm used to, it's no baseball bat but it's a chunky D Shaped neck. The guitar is also heavier than your standard strat, it's more in line with a Les Paul weight wise, this results in excellent sustain and a weighty tone. The guitar is setup nice with a low playing action, intonation is bang on. Strung up with Elixir Optiweb 10-46 gauge strings. The Trem is currently set up floating.

The pickguard has warped very slightly in the middle. Not noticeable whatsoever from a playing perspective but It is there. I never even noticed it once I had my hands on the guitar. The guy I bought it off told me about it after we did the deal.

Guitar will come with a generic rectangular hardcase.

This was a £2k+ custom build, I'm just looking to get back what I paid for it which was £600. I can post it via courier if required but will need to source a box to post.

Pics below.

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