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UK Sale only.

Selling 1 of my TC Electronic Fireworx Multi-effects Processors.

This is a well used unit but it looks good for its age. There's an issue with the buttons panel. All buttons seem to be on an internal sheet. So if you wiggle 1 button, they all wiggle. However, ALL buttons work perfectly. 

Recently some of the more processor heavy USER presets have been displaying an odd behaviour. They would occasionally Mute & the display would read "DSP Load Warning - Unit Muted - Reduce Routing"

This is actually normal behaviour if editing a FACTORY Presets & adding an FX block that might max out the DSP load.

It's an odd behaviour, on the saved USER presets, because when initially saved the FX/DSP load was within the limits.

I've deleted/formatted the USER memories, in case it just required some kind of clear out.

These issues reflect the asking price.

No box or manual, but come with UK PSU. Price Includes UK Shipping/Insurance.

£125 Paypal PPG/Friend/Family or buyer to cover fees

Personalised Photos available upon request.

Recently i requested information from Behringer/TC Electronic, in regards to servicing.

"Regarding your inquiry: Service - FireworX. 

I have checked our records and using the information you have provided it would appear that your product is either out of warranty or the necessary repairs are not covered under the terms and conditions of the limited warranty. Therefore, all costs for labour, parts and shipping will be chargeable and must be borne by you, the customer.
  • Product: FireworX
What happens now?
If you wish 
to proceed with a repair please let me know and I will issue an RMA number for returning your product to our service centre. 
*Please ensure this RMA number is clearly displayed on the outside of your packaging.

To protect your product during transit you must ensure that your product is adequately packaged. All costs, for any damage caused as the result of inadequate packaging, will be borne by the customer.
For each item returned and inspected at our service centre 
a quotation will be sent to you. Please note that all costs must be paid in full, and in advance, of any repairs being done.
  • £50/€60 (fixed labour cost)
  • Parts
  • Return shipping & handling
  • VAT (if applicable)
Return Address
Music Group Research Ltd
Klark Teknik Building
Walter Nash Road
DY11 7HJ

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