Oil City Jin-Go Dog ear ... now with shims included

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You need screws and springs to adjust the height of humbuckers ... right? So manufacturers rightly include screws and springs with their replacement pickups. Well it's essential to have shims under dog ear P90s (on many guitars) to get the correct pickup height. So why don't manufacturers include height shims?

Now they do! Oil City Masterwound Jin-Go dogear P90s now come with a set of three custom laser cut 1.5mm shims included to get your pickup at the optimum height :-) 
These shims are less than 1mm wider than the pickup cover, so unlike most dog ear shims, they don't stick out like a sore thumb.

The very Jin-Go that was built for this photo shoot is in the classifieds now at a discount ... more 'photoshoot discount' pickups coming up soon. 
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