LF: MOOG CLUSTER FLUX - FT: WV HiFi, ct5, Infinitphase mkII

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Hi from Italy guys 

I'm looking for a moog Cluster Flux in good shape.
I have an infinitphase mkII  I'd like to trade for it.
It's got all the optionals but no stereo output.
I'm the original owner, it didn't come with a box, and it has an european powersupply.

Otherwise I have a chasebliss warped vinyl HiFi or a Count to 5 with the latest circuit board\firmware.

I'm not looking for other trades at the moment,
maybe a stonedeaf tremotron, a thermae or 104M for the infinitphase (let's talk about it)
but moog 108M is a priority.

Instead if you're just interested in any these pedals let me know.

I'll post pics of the other pedals as soon as possible, but funny enough my IF is exactly the one on their  website:




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