FS Fender Twin Amp 2x12 combo 1990s

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I bought this Amp new in the mid 1990s but middle age and a slipped disc means I'm simply not using it so get yourself an amp with one careful owner from new!

Massive clean sound, takes pedals well if that's your thing.  The vintage drive channel is great.  

Switchable output from 100 to 25w, if power valves 2&3 are removed this lowers the output to 60/15w 

Fender speakers. 

3 switchable channels, clean, vintage drive & modern drive 

Switchable reverb 

Fx loop 

Preamp out / power amp in 

Recording line out 

Parallel and series output jacks for extension cabinets 

its been gigged and is older than some of England's World Cup squad, but is in good condition and was serviced last year.  It is heavy, so collection only from Bourne in Lincolnshire, or I can travel a reasonable distance for petrol money (payment in advance).  


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