Diago PSU Recall - Micropower 9

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Just received this via email- has anyone else bought one? Seems a longtime issue they will be recalling loads!


I’m sorry to have to contact you out of the blue but we’ve been informed of a possible fault with the Diago MicroPower9 supply; our records indicate that you have bought one of these from us between 1st January 2011 and 31st January 2018.


A message from Diago:


“The product was tested by our vendor on or around the point of its introduction into the market place to ensure CE Compliance and test certificates were issued.  It has come to light that the testing procedure was inadequate and Trading Standards has requested that the product be withdrawn from the market place.”


“Diago has determined that, in rare cases, this defect may pose a risk of fire or electric shock, possibly leading to serious injury.  There are no reports of any incidents, but customer safety is very important to us so we are recalling this product.  The models affected are marked ‘PS10’ on the bottom panel.”




If you do still own one of these units please:

·         stop using it immediately.

·         visit http://www.diago.co.uk/notices to arrange a free of charge replacement.

·         Return the unit to Diago Ltd, 46 Belmont Road, Poole, BH14 0DB


If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact Diago at help@diago.co.uk.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Thank you,

Strings Direct (on behalf of Diago)

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