Fender Road Worn Tele '52 *REDUCED AGAIN*

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Having just aquired a rather nice '72 Thinline RI this RW Tele is now up for sale.  The Missus has invoked the one in one out rule   

This is a really great Tele.  The usual RW spec - Nitro finish to neck and body, 7.25.fb radius with 6105 frets (so no choking), Tex Mex pups (meaty spanky), quite a chunky neck, Fender gig bag.  The original white scratch plate is included.  I don't have the box so I'd rather not post, but I will drive to meet up a 'reasonable' distance.  Or you can come over and try it here.  £500



No Darling....I've had that ages.
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