FS 1976 Marshall JMP MKII 50 watt head and 1960TV

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    This may help:

    theFretBoard Classifieds Rules v2.0

    Prompted by some recent debates, and 2 years of experience since we had our first attempt at defining rules, we're refreshed and simplified our rules.

    Additional Rules for the Classifieds

    These rules apply in addition to our standard forum rules. 

    1. Before you post an ad, look at other ads. Match, or better, that standard. 
    2. You must post an asking price or ideal trades. 
    3. You should post some good quality pictures. 
    4. You should not post your address, email address or phone number. 
    5. Do not bump more frequently than every 48 hours.  
    6. Flag it if you genuinely think that an ad is dodgy or breaks the rules, don't harass the seller on the thread. Criticising prices counts as harassment  
    7. When appropriate, update the thread to include "SOLD" (or whatever is appropriate) in the title and opening post. DO NOT delete the price or any other content. 
    8. If you’re listing multiple items in the same section, do it in one thread, not one thread per item. 
    9. The Fretboard is not responsible for transactions - the buyer and seller are. Be careful and be sensible. PPG is for use between trusted parties. 
    10. Do not post items for sale that are not what they appear to be (fake, counterfeit, etc). 
    11. If you advertise on here, post the details on here. Posts that are little more than links to eBay (etc) will be deleted. 

    The Classifieds are intended for personal use. If you are a business/dealer contact me to discuss how who could get involved here. 

    In our view, and in the spirit of the forum, we define a dealer as anyone who uses the forum primarily (ie you don't get involved elsewhere in the forum or make any other contribution to the forum) as a platform for selling to an extent that it's unlikely the sales are of personally owned, and used, equipment.  This will be our judgement call rather than a pre-defined limit.

    Ads that breach these rules will be deleted. Posters that repeatedly breach the rules may be banned.

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    I, for one, do not *do* Fæcesbook. 

    I am a lazy, old Hector. I cannot be arsed to go chasing after sale item information on the offchance that it might appeal to me and be my idea of affordable.

    Please humour me - and other potential buyers - by making it as easy as humanly possible for your item(s) to receive the consideration that you believe they warrant.

    Thank you and good night.  :)
    "It's no wonder the Pacific Ocean is blue."
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