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I'm not sure if I'm perhaps looking for something that doesn't exist, but hopefully you fine folk can point me in a new direction.

I was initially set on getting a Vigier Excalibur because I love the feel of the necks and the trem on them.  However a recent amp purchase has blown a large chunk of my budget and so I'm now setting my sights a bit lower.

What I'm after - 

A slim neck profile - As much as I do love the feel of the Vigier Excalibur necks, I would be very open to an Ibanez Prestige style ultra slim neck or similar (I'm not enjoying the feel of the Ibanez Premium necks at all).

HH or HSH configuration, I like high-ish output pickups so I can get my 'squealies' more easily :)

Locking tuners would be nice as I suck at string changes.

Preferably not a Floyd - I'd like something like a Gotoh 510 bridge/trem, like the ones on the Suhr Moderns.

Finish-wise, I love Koa and other natural wood finishes, so that sort of thing would be my first choice.  I also like a nice flamed top.  

Budget is £700-1k - and I'm more than happy to buy used.

Not keen on PRS necks and I've found the Musicman neck that I've tried a bit of a squeeze (on the JP6 at least).

Initially I thought an Ibanez Prestige would fit these needs, but despite the many different models available, they either don't have the right trem or finish, or tuners, or pickups.

Is there something that fits these requirements that I may not have thought of?  I'd rather not have to dick around with buying a guitar and then swapping bits out to make it what I need.

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