FS: Roland Bolt 30 w/ upgraded speaker

Selling my Roland Bolt 30!

This is from the only line of valve amps Roland ever made- straight from the 80's, made in Japan.

It's got a fantastic clean channel, a dual-control drive channel that's Boogie-esque but can clean up nicely with some tinkering, a shared 3-band EQ and a spring reverb that's fantastically drippy with a short decay.

Condition is fantastic! It was basically a bedroom piece before I bought it a couple of months ago. It has the original manual and vinyl cover.

I upgraded the speaker to an Eminence Governor which gives it plenty more low-end punch and volume. The original speaker can be provided also!

I use it as a clean pedal platform and it's great. Surprisingly the break up on the clean channel is fantastic! It's a pretty portable little thing too- nowhere near as bulky as a Hot Rod or similar 1x12 amps. Japanese build quality is top and to be honest you just don't see these around too much. I'd keep it but I'm switching to the head/cab setup and need to free up funds.

I'm asking £200 ono collection for Birmingham. Cash is king, but I'll consider trades on pedals, amps or cabs!

Pictures to follow by the weekend.
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